Backflow Devices

Backflow Prevention Devices

Valley Center Municipal Water District has a very active and on-going cross-connection control/backflow protection program to assure delivery of a high quality supply of water. This program requires each water meter that Valley Center Municipal Water District installs to have a District approved backflow device installed as meter protection. The device prevents any water from flowing in a reverse direction should our system lose pressure. Many of the homes in the District have fire suppression systems and have two water meters; one for domestic water, brass in color, and one to supply your fire system, red in color. The devices are installed above ground per the State and County health code as well as the Valley Center Municipal Water District Administrative Code.

Sec. 160.12 Backflow Prevention Devices. The State Health Department requires the District to comply with Title 17 of the California Administrative Code to have a Backflow Prevention Program. The District, since 1978, has had an active on-going cross connection control program through field inspections, file audits and a questionnaire filled out when service is initiated or transferred. Approved backflow devices will be installed adjacent to all new meter services by the District. Existing services that do not have the approved backflow device will receive notification from the District requiring them to purchase and install the proper device. The backflow device will be available for purchase at the District office, but it will be the responsibility of the property owner to install the device.

Should an existing customer's use of the meter service connection be changed in such a way as to require installation of a Reduced Pressure Device or an Approved Double Check Device in order to meet the requirements of this section, it is the customer's responsibility to notify the District immediately. Purchase of the required device or parts can be made through the District, but the responsibility of installation is that of the customer. If the changes are not made within 30 days after proper notification, service may be interrupted. The following approved backflow devices are required under the following conditions:

(a) Approved Double Check Valves. (The District's recognized approved list of devices is available at the District's office.)

  1. On all services not requiring an approved Reduced Pressure Device.
  2. On all service having an auxiliary water system, a private well or fire protection system. The Double Check Valves required in this section must be installed above ground with the same clearance required for the installation of the Approved Reduced Pressure Backflow Device. These devices shall be tested on an annual basis at the owner's expense.

(b) Approved Reduced Pressure Backflow Device. (The District's recognized approved list of devices is available at the District's office.)

  1. Anywhere that fertilizer, livestock, medication or a vaccine, etc. is or may be introduced into the water system.
  2. Anywhere a mortuary or commercial laundry facility is operated.
  3. Any chemical processing plants, dairies, dental office, medical office, hospital/medical clinic, parks or campgrounds with dumps for recreational vehicles, nurseries, flower growers, green belt irrigation area, home health care, assisted living facility, strip mall, commercial/industrial building and veterinarian offices.
  4. Anywhere that toxic concentrations of dangerous materials, insecticides, weed killing, etc. are being introduced into the system.
  5. Anywhere reclaimed water is used.

(c) Approved Air-Gap Separation. (This device is not obtainable at the District's office.)

  1. Anywhere a sewage treatment plant is operated unless a reduced pressure backflow device is approved by the District.

(d) Fee Schedule. At the time of installation, inspection and testing by District personnel will be required. All devices will be inspected annually and repaired as necessary by the District and charged to the customer accordingly. The charges for installation, annual inspection and repairs is available from the District.

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