Professional Services Opportunities

Professional Services Opportunities

Project Bid Opportunities for the Valley Center Municipal Water District are advertised and awarded in accordance with the provisions of the District’s Administrative Code Article 135 – Professional and Consulting Services. The following Professional Services Opportunities are currently available:


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INSPECTION SERVICES [Project No. 01-06-78-51404]                                        

The Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD or District) is seeking proposals to provide painting and coating inspection services of two above ground welded steel potable water reservoirs and associated appurtenances.  The proposal shall include all labor, materials, and equipment necessary to provide professional inspection services at each reservoir.

Electronic (PDF) proposal shall be received by the District prior to 4:00PM on August 26, 2022, addressed to Nick Lyuber, Questions regarding the RFP shall be sent no later than August 23, 2022.

Upon receipt, District staff will review the proposals and schedule interviews at a date to be determined. District reserves the right to forego interviews and select based on content of the proposals alone. Representatives from the District’s Engineering and Operations & Facilities Departments will be involved in the selection process.

Rates as quoted in the proposal shall be in effect for the entire term of the contract. Consultant shall review the sample Professional Services Agreement, and confirm terms can be satisfied.


  • Sample District Professional Services Agreement
  • Link to project contract documents, provided via email upon request.

Consultant may request additional documents that the District will provide if possible.


The Project generally consists of the cleaning, structural repair, interior coating and exterior painting of Meadows No. 1 a 93-foot diameter by 40-foot tall (base to roof) 2.0 million gallon above ground welded steel potable water reservoir, Reid Hill a 70-foot diameter by 35-foot tall (base to roof) 1.0 million gallon above ground welded steel potable water reservoir.

The awarded contractor will begin work on Meadows No. 1 Reservoir upon receipt of the Notice to Proceed. Prior to starting work on the interior of Reid Hill, Meadows No. 1 Reservoir interior coating and structural repair work shall be completed, and reservoir placed back in service. The total contract duration allotted for both reservoirs is 120 calendar days. 

Scope of Work:

The requested work includes furnishing a NACE III Certified Coatings Inspector (Coatings Inspector) to provide professional painting and coating inspection services for two existing above ground welded steel storage reservoirs, refer to construction contract documents for complete specifications on the project.  The scope of professional services includes providing the following:

  • Surface Inspection prior to and after painting and coating, 
  • Coating Inspection throughout the application process, 
  • Environmental Monitoring during the preparation and coating processes, and 
  • Report and Documentation of Work to ensure compliance with the plans, specifications, as well as local and regional environmental regulations for the work. 

The Inspector shall:

  • Attend the pre-construction meeting with the District, Contractor, and other sub-contractors.
  • Be present during all pre-preparation testing, surface preparation, coating application, initial cure of the coating system, during all coating repair work, and during completion activities. Perform on-site inspection of the Contractor’s equipment, materials, tools, containment structures and provisions, and mobilization preparations on each phase of the work.
  • Perform inspection and monitoring for the removal of the existing interior and exterior coating and other work by one or more people while removal is in progress. Coordinate with the Contractor to ensure all regulated materials are properly removed and abated.
  • Perform on-site inspection and monitoring for the reservoirs during the abrasive blasting phase of the project.  The Coating Inspector is to provide inspection and monitoring of such items as proper dehumidification, containment, proper equipment usage, blast profile verification, pre-coating or pre-painting chemical or ultraviolet testing of blasted surface, and visual inspection and approval.
  • Provide inspection and monitoring of proper paint mixing and application, and weather condition assessments to ensure the Contractor is applying coatings and paint within the climactic parameters of the specification, and proper site cleanup.
  • Perform complete holiday detection of the cured coating on the interior shell and other appurtenances.  Perform a complete visual inspection of the entire cured coating on the interior and exterior surfaces of the reservoir.  Perform a minimum of one mil gauge inspection per SSPC PA 2 of the entire interior and exterior surface of the reservoir to verify the specified coating thicknesses have been achieved. 
  • Provide the necessary safety and inspection equipment suitable to perform inspections during construction.  Provide appropriate transportation, appropriate painting inspection equipment that includes dry film thickness gauges, holiday detection equipment, surface profile instruments or systems, atmospheric measurement devices, and other appropriate inspection/testing equipment (including necessary personal safety equipment), breathing apparatus fit test documentation, and a cellular phone. Equipment must have current calibration and be in good working condition.
  • Notify the District Project Manager or District Inspector immediately of any deviations from the Contract Documents, schedule, and/or safety violations.
  • Provide daily site activity report(s) including graphic illustrations of the blasting and coating/painting work completed during each shift, noting the Contractor's progress and other events occurring on the project.  Document daily manpower, equipment, inspections, atmospheric conditions, monitoring performed, and the results of the inspections.  Note all non-compliance issues, and all issues that were reported for rework in accordance with the Contract Specifications.  Each report shall be signed by the coating inspector.  Submit report within 24 hours of date recorded on the report.
  • Attend and participate in the pre-construction meeting and progress meetings with District Staff and the Contractor. Assist the District in answering questions and resolving discrepancies related to the reservoir’s surface preparation and coating as described in the Contract Documents.
  • Prepare a final report on the completed reservoir including type of coating and painting applied, average thickness of each coat and final overall coating, binding all the daily reports, provide photographic records, and make recommendations for methods the District could use to improve the Contract Documents.
  • Maintain project files in an organized format for transfer to the District at the termination of the project.


There is no specific format or page limit. Proposal should focus on highlighting individuals being proposed to fill the coating inspection role. At a minimum, the following information should be included:

  • Education

  • Certifications (NACE III required)

  • Work History (include the past 5 years at a minimum)

  • Experience (must have experience with similar projects and must include at least three applicable projects)

  • References (include current contact information and references should be associated with past projects listed)

Fee Schedule:

The proposal shall contain hourly rate schedule for individuals submitted. Rates shall stay in effect for the duration of the contract term.  

District will compensate based on actual time spent on inspection activities per daily report records. Inspector shall be available to perform inspections with 48hour notice from District representative or contractor.  

Inspection need may be irregular and as required based on contractor means and methods. Overtime and weekend work may be required, include rates in schedule.  

Observance of prevailing wage and current DIR registration is required when applicable. 

Any Other Direct Costs (ODC) shall be shown separately.