Fact Sheet


Mission Statement:

"Our Mission is to Ensure Customer Satisfaction Through Quality Service at the Lowest Possible Cost."

Governing Body

Valley Center Municipal Water District is a special district in San Diego county, California, authorized by the California State Legislature under the Municipal Water District Act of 1911. It is governed by a five-member Board of Director selected by voters in their respective divisions to serve four-year terms. The Board meets on the first and third Monday of each month beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the District's Board Room located at 29300 Valley Center Road, Valley Center, CA 92082, and the public is invited to attend these meetings. Agendas for Board of Directors meetings are posted for public viewing at the Administration building site and are on the District's website. 

Note: If Board Meeting Monday is a holiday - Board Meeting will be held the following day on Tuesday.

Performance Measurement Standards

At Valley Center Municipal Water District, we value exceptional customer service and hold ourselves to high performance standards. Below is a list of our performance Measurement Standards:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Greater than 95%.
  • Unknown Water Loss (UWL): Report annually on the past 10 years of the unknown water loss in terms of percent of water sold, acre feet and value of water loss, and efforts to minimize and reduce UWL.
  • Discretionary Reserves: Unrestricted or uncommitted reserves not anticipated to be used in the current fiscal year equal to 6 months' operations and maintenance budget.
  • Local Commodity Rate for Local Operating and Maintenance Costs: No more than 13% of total water commodity cost for M&I and 16% for certified agriculture.
  • Pump Efficiency: Greater than 95% of the design criteria.
  • Project's Actual Cost: +/- 10% of the engineer's estimate.
  • Water Service Reliability: Greater than 99%
  • Full Compliance with All State and Federal Regulations.
  • Lost-time Accidents: Less than 1% of total hours worked.
  • Return on Investments: Greater than the 12-month rolling average return on U.S. Treasury bonds.

District's Facilities

Under the ongoing guidance of its locally elected five-member Board of Directors, the District has responded to changes within its service area. To meet the water needs of its customers throughout its 100 square mile service (64,253 acres), the District has constructed a water system that today consists of:

  • Enclosed Reservoirs: 40
  • Enclosed Water Storage Capacity: 431 af
  • Water Lines: 301 miles
  • Pump Stations: 29
  • Number of Electric Pumps: 113
  • Number of Natural Gas Engine Pumps: 8
  • Aqueduct Connections: 7
  • Emergency Water Storage: 1,612 af (Lake Turner)
  • Solar Power Generation Sites: 7
  • Total Pump Capacity: 19,960 hp

VCMWD's Water Use:

  • Agriculture: 67%
  • Residential: 24%
  • Commercial: 9%