Function Overview

The Engineering Department provides professional and technical expertise to plan for the future and help the District to meet its mission of providing reliable water and wastewater service to its customers. These services are accomplished through planning, designing, inspecting and managing District Capital Improvement Projects, and by plan checking and inspecting Developer funded projects.

The Engineering Department also maintains and updates the technical records of the water & wastewater systems, easements, District property, and installed improvements, and provides technical information and support to our customers and to District staff.  The Engineering Department also oversees the District’s Water Conservation Program.  To accomplish these functions, the Department is split into the following five divisions: Administration, Planning, Customer Service, Encroachments & Locates, and Maps & Records.

Long-Term Goals

  • Continue to update and improve appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines for the provision and expansion of water service in an environment of ever diminishing water availability and conversion from predominately agricultural uses to rural residential and urban uses.
  • Development of financially feasible wastewater infrastructure projects for property owner participation on a voluntary basis within the service area of the existing treatment facilities.
  • Explore development of local water supply sources.
  • Seek out funding sources and financial assistance programs to fund required capital improvements.
  • Maximize the use of the District's Data Management System to make facility information more readily available through integration of the Water and Wastewater Master Plans, SCADA, GIS, CMMS and Record Drawings.
  • Assist with the development of pumping strategies and procedures to maximize pumping efficiencies utilizing water system modeling.

District Engineer - Wally Grabbe, PE