Service Availability

At the present time wastewater service is available to the following areas:

  • The Interstate 15 corridor on the west end of the District, including Hidden Meadows, Lawrence Welk, and Castle Creek areas, is served by the Lower Moosa Canyon Water Reclamation Facility (Moosa). Capacity is available to those parcels within the wastewater service area. For more information or to arrange for wastewater capacity, please call our Engineering department.
  • Woods Valley Ranch subdivision.

Wastewater Service Area Map

Service Application Requirements

For an application to be accepted and processed, the documents listed below must be provided. Once the application has been accepted by the District, it will be added to the meter installation schedule and installed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Normal installation time is approximately six to eight weeks.

  1. Property owner shall provide proof of ownership by a recorded grant deed or title report when a service is being resized or relocated, documents are to be recorded (OMRA, NHP, NLP, etc.) and/or proof of a private utility easement is required.
  2. Applicant shall provide a copy of the recorded parcel map, when applicable.
  3. Applicant shall provide evidence of a private utility easement if property does not adjoin the District’s right of way or an encroachment permit, if applicable.
  4. Applicant must pay all costs related to water and sewer service connection upon completion of application.
  5. All documents to be recorded which are a requirement of service must be signed, notarized and received by District prior to processing application.

Further guidance, information, and questions may be directed to Engineering Services by calling the District’s office at (760) 735-4500. 

South Village Water Reclamation Project

Since the late 1990’s, the Valley Center Municipal Water District (VCMWD) has been involved in a wastewater project to serve the properties in the South Village service area. The Woods Valley Ranch project is finalizing the construction of the Woods Valley Ranch Water Reclamation Facility (WVRWRF). Wastewater from the development is conveyed through the gravity collection system to the treatment plant. At the treatment plant the wastewater is processed and discharged as reclaimed water to be used for irrigation on the Woods Valley Ranch Golf Course.

Reporting a Problem

Tel: (760) 735-4500
24 hours a day

Call the District 24 hours a day. After hours and on weekends our answering service will take your number and have our duty crew call you back.

Rates and Charges

Monthly wastewater charges are based on the type of wastewater system serving your property. Most property in the Moosa area is on a gravity wastewater system, but some parcels above the Lawrence Welk area have a pressure system. All Moosa wastewater service also has a surcharge for electric costs.