Conservation Requirements


In response to worsening drought conditions in California, the state has called for increased conservation efforts from its residents. To comply with this directive, the Board of Directors of the Valley Center Municipal Water District acted on Monday, June 6, 2022, to ask its customers to increase their already outstanding efforts at conservation by:

  • Irrigating three days per week for lawns and landscapes on days selected by the customer. Does not apply to commercial agriculture.
  • Irrigating before 10:00 a.m. and/or after 4:00 p.m. only for lawns and landscapes. Does not apply to commercial agriculture.
  • Repair all water leaks within three (3) days.

These conservation measures, many of which are practiced now by District customers now, can increase water use efficiency and reduce monthly water costs.  These provisions are in addition to other water use efficiency measures already in place in the District, which are:

  • Not overwatering to cause water runoff from the customer’s property;
  • Not irrigating within 48 hours after a measurable rainfall;
  • Not hosing down hardscapes (patios, driveways, sidewalks, etc.); and
  • Using a shut-off nozzle when washing cars or hand watering plants.

There are other ways customers can save water during their daily routines:

  • Only washing full loads of laundry or dishes;
  • Taking shorter showers, rather than baths; and
  • Not running water while brushing teeth or washing hands.

VCMWD customers are encouraged to visit our Conservation/Rebate Page on our website to access additional information about conservation and rebates to assist customers in their efforts to increase water use efficiency.

No Mandatory Percentage Reduction is being requested of VCMWD customers compared to usage in a prior period. However, the Governor has asked for a voluntary 20% reduction from 2020 usage levels. The request for increased conservation comes in the context of the San Diego Region and VCMWD having sufficient water to meet the needs of its customers, even if drought conditions persist.  Further, District customers are still using water at the lower levels achieved during the 2014-2017 drought.  Finally, a copy of the District’s implementing Resolution No. 2022-23

Please Note:  Does Not Apply to Private Well or Surface Water.  While VCMWD will always encourage the efficient use of all water supplies, the above provisions for additional conservation does not apply to water from private wells or local surface supplies, such as ephemeral streams. 

To report water waste, email us anytime at

Learn How to Track Your Water Usage

You can view helpful information and diagrams on how to read your water meter or by contacting our office. You can also find the read date for your meter on your monthly bill.  This information can help you track your usage during each month from the point that the meter is read by District personnel.  If you need additional assistance, please call us at (760) 735-4502.

Reporting Water Waste

If you see water waste, please contact us at 760-735-4502 and leave a message, or email us anytime at at any time with the address, time and nature of the water waste. This information will help us raise awareness of the problem and determine the right course of action.

Non-Functional Turf

To Our Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Customers – 

On March 24, 2022, the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) adopted an Emergency Regulation, effective June 10, 2022, banning the irrigation of “non-functional turf.” Non-functional turf is defined by the SWRCB as “turf that is solely ornamental and is not regularly used for human recreational purposes or for civic or community events” - Click to view PDF of SWRCB Emergency Regulations. Please note, this prohibition does not apply to single-family residences or non-functional turf irrigated with private well water. 

Exceptions to this provision are non-functional turf areas that also support non-turf plants and trees, or if they have low water use turf (e.g., Hybrid Bermuda, Zoysia, Common Bermuda, Seashore Paspalum, St, Augustine – Google “Low water Use Grass” for more ideas). These determinations are to be made by the customer. This order is from the SWRCB directly to the Commercial, Industrial, or Institutional water user, and any enforcement action, as set forth in the order, will be carried out by the SWRCB. Other than to provide information about the Order, the Valley Center Municipal Water District will not actively participate in any enforcement action.

District Contacts 

For questions, or if you require additional information, please feel free to contact our Finance Department at 760-735-4502.

Once Again, Thank You for Your Commitment to Use Water Efficiently!


The Board of Directors and Staff

Valley Center Municipal Water District


Conservation Resources